Cryptocurrency Mastermind Course

Cryptocurrency Mastermind Course

Why Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is  the biggest wealth transfer this generation has ever seen. It all started with the inception of bitcoin in 2009. Now come 2017 and there are 100s of different cryptocurrencies available to trade. Cryptocurrency can be a very overwhelming and risky investment to make but with the right knowledge It can also be one of the best investment you can make. That's where this course comes in. Michael and Edward show you exactly how they profit from the cryptocurrency market. This course provides you with the start to finish from understanding what cryptocurrency is to advanced technical analysis and trading strategies. By the time you're through with this course, you will have the proper knowledge to start profiting in cryptocurrency.

This course will include:

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Preparation (Mindset and Mistakes)
  • Resources and Tools
  • Exchanges
  • Advanced Technical Analysis & Trading strategies
  • What are ICOs & How to research ICOs
  • How to track portfolio
  • Security and Wallets

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Timothy Divino

Crypto 101 at it's Best.

The course tells you everything from start to finish, everything that you need or may need to know about making some great gains in the market of Cryptocurrency. Very suitable for all experiences, whether it be very beginner like me, to someone wh...

Kris McCauley

Best Course Out There in Cryptocurrency

I think this is the best course out there in terms of cryptocurrency. Edward and Michael give a very thorough presentation that will benefit anyone from beginners to advance. They both have made their money from exchanges and not bitconnect whic...

Chad Bartlett

Very helpful

This crypto course has already helped me out a ton. Everything is laid out very well. This course is definitely undervalued and is worth at least $1997!

tevin demerchant

Excellent Course

I would 100% recommend taking this course if you're looking to start making money on cryptocurrencies. It's definitely changed my view on exactly how it all works and I enjoyed both of the teachers immensely.

Vitaly Mikhno


Really good course when you know nothing about Cryptocurrency and good to refresh your memory for those traders that have been in the business. Loved all of it! Good job both of you.

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About the instructor

Edward Ornelas
Edward Ornelas

About the instructor

My name is Edward Ornelas, I'm a young Cryptocurrency investor with a background in stock market trading. I am a firm believer in blockchain technology. I believe it will revolutionize the future the way internet revolutionized the world.